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PARTS LIST FOR MODEL C9-9MM OR CF 380-380 A.C.P.. 1. Ejection . Hi- Paint Firearms, Heemiiier Ine. will net hener any claim whatsee ser h-y seeend er .

My Hi-Point C9 9mm Pistol

So finally curiosity got the best of me, and I plunked down $139 plus tax, etc., at a local pawn shop, for my very own, brand new, Hi-Point C9 9mm firearm. Here's .

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No such compatibility was advertised by Hi-Point regarding the original 995 carbine and the 9mm Hi-Point C-9 pistol; owners of both designs have reported that .

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Apr 24, 2012 . Re:Hi Point C9 6 Months, 1 Week ago. I wouldn't trust . Paint finish is nice, latches are solid(so far) Mounting hardware is solid BUT.... 1) As ..

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I love my c9 its a great little piece ive had good groups with it thanks hi point :-) . i bought my hi point to test a paint on it and actually its one of my favorites to .

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Hi-Point C9 9mm "Dark Earth" Custom Paint - YouTube

Sep 22, 2012 . Sign in to add channels to your guide and for great recommendations! Sign In. Alert icon. You need Adobe Flash Player to watch this video.

Failure To Fire - Hi-Point C9 #1

Oct 19, 2012 . Yes, I really do have a Hi-Point C9. . I'm not going to lie – I like my C9. . Wrap some 400 or 320 around it and scrub the paint off of the feed .

The Hi-Point Challenge | Gun Nuts Media

Aug 27, 2012 . …and yet, Hi-Point sells a lot of semi-automatic pistols in the U.S. Every year Bud's . That, ladies and gentlemen, is a brand new Hi-Point C9 pistol, . I think it'd be hilarious to paint a little red “Hk” on the Hi-Point and post it .

customizing hi point c9 - YouTube

Jun 16, 2012 . Hi-Point C-9 Reviewby AzPapaLes2,736 views · hi point 45acp carbine 380 pistol custom paint 0:48. Watch Later hi point 45acp carbine 380 .

Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint. - YouTube

Jul 21, 2012 . Just a quick paint job on the hi point I payed $50.00 for. Decent for what it is.

Hi-Point c9 (The Prepper Site)

i know you guys are talking about the c9 but i am a hi-point owner and i . like two rounds on each. removed all paint and polished the loading .

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Hipoint c9 | The Way of the Multigun

Jul 22, 2010 . Posts about Hipoint c9 written by jbomultigun. . The front sight is painted with a bright yellow enamel, and the rear sight has two bright red dots .

Hi Point C9 9mm – A Good, Cheap Gun

Feb 19, 2012 . Full retail on a Hi Point C9 is $179 and I see them listed on . The front is cast as part of the slide and has a yellow bar painted on its face so it .

Hi point c9's with paint - YouTube

Jun 15, 2012 . me just trying to give me and my wifes gun a better life lol.

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I know I will catch clack for recommending a Hi-Point C9, and I don't care . wooden box with gold paint brushed on vertically to simulate pages.

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[Archive] HI POINT C9 Product Review - Firearms or Firearms Related Products. . The gun's feed ramp was painted black... ( I don't ask .

Hi Point 9mm $149 + ship

Sep 10, 2012 . http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/hi-point-c9-9mm-a-good-cheap-gun. . Granted HP should not paint the ramp and tweaking the mags a .

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The use of bottom paint, also known as anti-fouling paint, on a boat's hull is . The Hi-Point C9 is a budget-priced, semi-automatic handgun that fires 9 mm Luger .

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It is useful for taking photographs in low-light settings and light painting. . The Hi -Point C9 mm handgun is manufactured in the USA by Hi-Point Firearms, .

Hi-Point CF-380 Comp Compact Pistol Reviews Forum and ...

I have a Hi-Point CF-380 Pistol and I'm hoping some one can tell me how I can . I got a hi point 9 for my son and a 380 due to a lot of 380 ammo they were as .

hi point 45acp carbine 380 pistol custom paint - YouTube

May 1, 2011 . custom paint jobs on two guns. . hi point 45acp carbine 380 pistol custom paint. johnnyspearhunter. Subscribe Subscribed Unsubscribe .

Budget Gun Review: Hi-point 995 TSFG [Archive] - No BS MMA and ...

Hi-point has what is almost certainly the greatest guarantee in the firearms business. . and a retailer stepped up and shipped him a C9 pistol and magazines. . The sights on the Hi-Point are painted with contrasting colors of .

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Dec 17, 2008 . Hi Point C9 Comp. Compensator with weaver rail. Polymer frame. Durable, attractive easy-grip finish. Last round lock open. Quick on-off thumb .

Hi-Point CF-380 Compact Pistol Reviews Forum and Reference Guide

I have a Hi-Point CF-380 Pistol and I'm hoping some one can tell me how I can . I got a hi point 9 for my son and a 380 due to a lot of 380 ammo they were as .

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Oct 25, 2012 . Remove the Hi-Point C9 from its case; pull back the slide with one hand and lock it . Prepare the hinges for the paint you have chosen to use.

My Custom Hi Point C9 - YouTube

Mar 17, 2012 . this is my hi point that i tricked out i polished the sides like the 380 model . a redneck upgrade to the sights with white nail polish, an i painted th.

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Need A nylon belt holster for a HI-point 9 mm Luger Model C9 . as well as a retaining strap)holster can be found at WalMart in the paint ball gun section.

Hi-Point C9 Mods. (So far) - YouTube

Oct 18, 2011 . Plan to polish feed ramp, and paint/texture the . . Hi-Point C9: Tuning The Mags and Feed Rampby guntorturetests22,325 views · HI-POINT C9 .

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Hi-Point Throwdown | The Way of the Multigun

Aug 13, 2010 . Posts about Hi-Point Throwdown written by jbomultigun. . Whats the mag cap on the 2 pistols? i was wondering if the c9 needed more mag changes which could . You remember that bright enamel paint mentioned earlier?

Shooting the Hi-Point C-9 9mm - YouTube

Jul 7, 2012 . Me shooting a brand new Hi-Point 9mm pistol at the gun range. . Hi Point C9 Pistolby whyno213141 views; Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint. 2:17 .

Hi point c9 with call of duty holster - YouTube

Jul 14, 2012 . Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint.by AeroGunPrepGuy612 views; Custom hi-point c9's 1:29. Watch Later Custom hi-point c9'sby tonio84704111 .

Gun pr0n! Episode whatever: Hi-point C9 - YouTube

Mar 10, 2012 . Today we look at some BBW amateur pr0n with the Hi-point C9 9mm pistol. . Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint.by AeroGunPrepGuy612 views .

Custom Hi-Point 9 mm Digital Camo Tutorial & Testing - YouTube

Apr 4, 2012 . Here we do a few quick easy cosmetic mods to the Hi-Point C-9 9mm pistol. . Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint.by AeroGunPrepGuy612 views .

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If I notice ANYTHING wrong with this firearm other? than a little chipped paint, it will . The hi-point has an 8 round single stack, but the Jiminez in this video? has 12 . Have you thoughts about purchasing a Hi-Point C9 (9x19mm) pistol also?

Cheap home firepower - YouTube

Jul 30, 2012 . Here's a couple of cheap alternatives to home protection...a Mosin Nagant & Hi- Point C9 9mm.........I got both of these for $200.00 and both shot .

Hi - point guns are damn good! - YouTube

Jul 10, 2012 . Hipoint C9 9mm Holster Options Bulldog Size 3by Vansvideoreviews31 views · Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint. 2:17. Watch Later Hi Point C9 .

Hi-Point C9 will do - YouTube

Dec 15, 2011 . Shooting the Hi-Point c9 at the range iraqvetera8888 . i actually used automotive paint for brake calipers. the reason i chose it because it .

hi point c9 - YouTube

Dec 28, 2011 . me and my brother shooting hi point 9mm's. . First mag through the Hi-Point C9. aviby MountainMinistrel104 views; Automotive Paint Stripper .

Hi Point 9mm carbine custom paint job - YouTube

Dec 7, 2011 . Hi Point 9mm carbine custom paint job. christopherschumann·3 . 5:29. Watch Later Hi-Point C9 9mm Reviewby reviveliberty41,157 views .

Hi point 9mm - YouTube

Aug 28, 2012 . Baby painted turtleby db450r3 views · Hi-Point C9 Mag Fix + Feed Ramp Polish 13:31. Watch Later Hi-Point C9 Mag Fix + Feed Ramp Polishby .

UTG Belt Holster: Perfect for the Hi-Point C9 - YouTube

Feb 15, 2012 . this is a very nice value oriented option for the hipoint c9 and others. I know I don' t . What type of paint did? you use on the grips? dwallen36b 2 .

Why are Hi Point Slides So Heavy

Sep 1, 2012 . For those Hi-Point owners and aficionados out there, one thing quickly sets your . It has a melting point of 718-728F and can be electroplated, wet painted, and chromate . So, I bought the C9 when I got my CCW permit I .

Shooting Hi point C9 and Keltec P11 - YouTube

Mar 18, 2011 . Shooting Hi point C9 and Keltec P11. scifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii . Did you buy those grips somewhere, or paint the factory? ones? MoejoTheGreat 10 months .

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Hi-point c9 mods - YouTube

Sep 12, 2011 . HI-POINT C9 CUSTOMIZATION DETAILSby millerusaf24,910 views . Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint.by AeroGunPrepGuy612 views; Smith and .

Shooting my custom Hi-Point 9mm - YouTube

Oct 14, 2012 . Hi-Point C-9 Unboxingby RUSHismyGODNo views; Hi-Point C9 9mm "Dark Earth " Custom Paint 0:38. Watch Later Hi-Point C9 9mm "Dark .

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Hi Point 9mm $149 + ship

Sep 10, 2012 . http://www.gunsamerica.com/blog/hi-point-c9-9mm-a-good-cheap-gun. . Granted HP should not paint the ramp and tweaking the mags a .

Hi point 9mm - YouTube

Aug 9, 2012 . Short review of the infamous hi point c9. . Hi Point C9 9mm fresh paint.by AeroGunPrepGuy612 views · Cleaning and Disassembling Hi-Point .

Me shooting a Highpoint C9 9mm - YouTube

Jan 16, 2012 . Hi Point C9 9mm Pistol Prepping for Cheapby MDPrepper12,172 views; 1st dip & paint @ the new shop 6:28. Watch Later 1st dip & paint @ the .

380 hi point (crazy skulls) - YouTube

May 1, 2011 . crazy skulls paint job on 380 hi point. . Hi-Point C9 will doby CaliLegal10,620 views. Loading more suggestions... Load more suggestions .


Jun 12, 2011 . i picked a Smith & Wesson Sigma 40 instead of a hi point. . HI-POINT C9 CUSTOMIZATION DETAILSby millerusaf23,826 views; DISCUSSION - HI POINT VERSUS GLOCK . hi point 45acp carbine 380 pistol custom paintby .

KP-05 Hand Grip Custom Paint - YouTube

Oct 13, 2012 . KJW KP-05 Custom Paint - Desert Tigerby CDeLeon791No views; Hi-Point C9 Mods. (So far) 7:49. Watch Later Hi-Point C9 Mods. (So far)by .

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Everything is better with Duracoat on it! - YouTube

Jan 26, 2012 . A short video showing a finished duracoat job on my H&R Shotgun and HiPoint C9. If it can make these look this good, imagine what it will do .

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Hi-Point C-9 and C-9 Comp - YouTube

The Model C-9 is the compact version of Hi-Point's 9 mm Handgun. It consists of a Polymer frame, . Plan to polish feed ramp, and paint/t... This item has been .